What is NameDibs?

NameDibs offers the best-in-class personal branded website solution in the world. We provide easy-to-use website creation tools allowing our customers to centralize and connect their online presence using premium domain names that match their name or brand.

How does your 30-day Money Back Guarantee work?

If you’ve claimed a NameDibs listed domain and are unhappy, we’ll give you a full refund. Our offer is good for 30 days from the date of purchase. Simply contact us to start the process.

What should I do with my Domain after I’ve claimed it?

Launch your website using our easy-to-use tools and templates! Then use your Domain everywhere, including within your Social Media Profiles, as your Link-in-Bio, in your Email Signature, as well as your Digital Business Card. Build YOUR personal brand and control your online identity. If you already have a website, great! You can forward or connect your NameDibs Domain with your existing site using our advanced tools. You can also use your NameDibs Domain as your email address, such as Me@MyName.com, etc., which is much more professional than using a generic address such as MyName78923@gmail.com Of note, NameDibs does not charge extra for use of its website development tools or for the hosting when these services are utilized.

Is NameDibs right for you?

We believe NameDibs is right for everyone! Whether you’re the CEO of a publicly traded corporation or a teenage TikTok creator, you should use NameDibs to build, control, and protect your personal brand. NameDibs websites give you an online presence where you can connect and interact with the world. No more telling people to search for you on a given platform, just tell them to go to your name dotcom to find all of your links and content.

Do I need to have technical skills?

No, no technical skills are required. Getting your website set-up is easy. If you do require help, we’re here for you via phone, email, and even Zoom. We pride ourselves on customer service!

Can I transfer a Domain elsewhere?

No, domains cannot be transferred. That said, you can change your name servers or DNS records and point the domain anywhere you’d like, including to registrars like GoDaddy and website development platforms like Wix or Squarespace.